Creating a new Roxy – REST API hybrid app video…

I decided it would be useful to create a video to show how to create a hybrid MarkLogic REST and Roxy MVC (like Ruby on Rails) application. Read on for the video…


Let me know what you think in the comments below. Also check out my YouTube MarkLogic playlist.


  1. Some notes from Dave Cassel, one of the creators of Roxy:-
    – Once you have the ml script downloaded, you can put it in your path and do the clone and init steps as one by saying “$ ml new testapp –branch=dev –app-type=hybrid”
    – You can provide the application name to new or init, which will be put into the app-name property: “$ ml init testapp”
    – You can specify the –app-type parameter on either new or init to get the property set for you

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