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Open source release cycle tyranny

The little talked about stress of Open Source project release management…


MarkLogic Workflow Introduction Video

Just published an intro to MarkLogic Workflow on YouTube:-

Created using SimpleDiagrams3 aka SimpleD – a fab tool. Used my new Wacom Intuos Pen+Touch tablet to create the diagrams I use to explain MarkLogic Workflow during the video recording.

MarkLogic Workflow V2 is out soon. For further details, see the MarkLogic Workflow GitHub Repository. It is open source software available to all to use.

Adam is back!

Been crazily busy, in a good way, the last six months. Finally got a little time to catch you all up on all things me and NoSQL!


IQTell for productivity with Evernote and email!…

Not strictly Big Data related, but MUST share how refreshing using IQTell for my GTD workflow is with everyone!…


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