MarkLogic World Day 2 Preview…

I’m looking forward to day 2 today! Day 1 was really good, full of good information and announcements on MarkLogic 7.0. For today’s preview keep reading…

Opening Keynote

David Gorbet will be delivering the opening Keynote today. And it’ll be a keynote with live demos! (Scary!)

David will be talking about how MarkLogic was delivering Enterprise NoSQL before any other NoSQL vendor existed – and indeed before the term NoSQL existed! He’ll give a rundown of the timeline in the history of NoSQL.

He’ll then go on to talk about why people need to start looking at semantic functionality, and why the inclusion of this functionality in MarkLogic 7.0 (Early access available now!) will help organisations with their information management issues. David and Micah will also talk about and list all the semantic features coming in version 7.0 in a few months.

The other big area for version 7.0 is in Cloud computing. There will be a live demo and talk about elasticity of your Cloud infrastructure, including performance metrics, cloud orchestration and continuous rebalancing of forests automatically in MarkLogic. This is key to organisations that need to rapidly scale out their architecture for short term customer need. MarkLogic 7 will ship with tools to make this easy.

Hadoop is also key to the world of Big Data these days. HDFS as an approach to distributed file systems is changing the technical landscape within organisations. David and Aaron will talk about running MarkLogic on top of HDFS in addition to our current file system support. This will help organisations implement a tiered storage infrastructure all within a single MarkLogic cluster. This is key to driving down cost as your infrastructure grows.

All in all it’ll be an awesome session with many interesting announcements of future functionality – and demos of it already running, months before the release!

The day’s sessions

There are many sessions running today, from 15 minute lightning talks to full hour in depth talks on specific subjects.

I’m looking forward to starting the day with a session by our partners, RSuite, talking about their CMS platform built on top of MarkLogic. This is a common requirement for Publishers, but also increasingly in any organisation that writes a lot of procedures or internal and external publications.

I’ll then be on duty on the MarkLogic stand during the lunch session, available to answer any and all questions you may have around MarkLogic. In my case I can cover off specific use cases in the Public Sector / Federal areas.

In the afternoon I’ll really struggle to decide what sessions to go to! There are two on immediately after lunch I’d like to see. First another partner session from TEMIS about semantic enrichment which I think will drive a lot of innovation over the next few years. Secondly, a MarkLogic architecture 201 class – analysing and tuning for performance.

Then at 2 o’clock I have another double booking! There’s a session on Rx for Better Patient Care and Cost Containment at the same time as one on leveraging MarkLogic’s unified database to manage Big Data in e-Discovery. I’ll probably be in the patient care one as this is very applicable to the UK National Health Service (NHS).

There will be another partner showcase session at 14:50 where I shall pick the brains of all our partners in case I need them for UK customers this year! After this there will be a session on fraud detection for CMS. This is more commonly known as Obama Care, and is part of a system which is a Health Insurance Exchange. This type of use case is very applicable to the UK though, for things like Universal Credit and Tax Evasion.

There will then be another session at the same time from EBCONT and Thieme around providing search to improve patient diagnostics. This will be key to UK NHS commisioning groups in saving money by spotting the best care plan path for patients with particular conditions and medical history. Really looking forward to this one.


All in all it should be a very, very good day with lots of useful information. Even I’m struggling to decide which sessions to go to, so I bet all our customers here will have even more issues deciding! Whichever they decide though I’m sure the sessions will be useful. Everyone in MarkLogic has put a lot of effort in to preparing for these sessions.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on twitter with the #MLW13 hash tag giving you all the latest news from inside every session.

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