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Yeoman generator for MarkLogic MLJS Workplace app now available!…

Think MLJS Workplace is hard to get started with? No longer!…


MLJS Node.js major bug fix…

You know those simple code changes that shouldn’t change anything, that actually break everything?… Yeah…


Drag and Drop app creation with MarkLogic

You can now create @MarkLogic apps without coding!!! Read on for details…


MLJS 1.6 (Aug 2014) Released!

MLJS 1.6 (Aug 2014) has been released! Lots of features that are now even easier to use!


mlwatcher – deploy directory changes to MarkLogic!…

I’ve created a file system watcher to deploy just the changes under a folder to a MarkLogic database. Particularly useful for auto deploying code changes in MarkLogic REST apps during development/demo builds.

Installation and usage instructions here: https://github.com/adamfowleruk/mlwatcher

Also potentially useful for dropping content in to a folder during demos and watching it be deployed to a MarkLogic content DB. (webdav and mlcp alternative) Uses MarkLogic Server’s default detection of file types.

Powered by MLJS and Watchr and of course, Node.js!


Upcoming in MLJS…

My usual pre-release tease about new JavaScript widgets on MarkLogic…


My Favourite things about MLJS…

The MarkLogic JavaScript API, MLJS, has been a huge help in my developing apps quickly for prospects, partners and customers on MarkLogic. In this post I detail some of my fave things about MLJS that you may not realise!



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