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Using MarkLogic code execute privileges

Some tips when implementing find grained code execution security in MarkLogic Server…


New Book: The State of NoSQL 2016…

I’ve been at it again! I’ve just published a 40 page review of the world of NoSQL in 2016. Covers the types of NoSQL, real business use cases and which products to consider, and a quick reference sheet for each major NoSQL database and commercial vendor.


MarkLogic Workflow Introduction Video

Just published an intro to MarkLogic Workflow on YouTube:-

Created using SimpleDiagrams3 aka SimpleD – a fab tool. Used my new Wacom Intuos Pen+Touch tablet to create the diagrams I use to explain MarkLogic Workflow during the video recording.

MarkLogic Workflow V2 is out soon. For further details, see the MarkLogic Workflow GitHub Repository. It is open source software available to all to use.

Hybrid NoSQL: MarkLogic as a Key-Value store: Update

I’ve managed to change the code of Redis-Benchmark to give real results on my computer for yesterdays MarkLogic comparison. Read on for final results!


Hybrid NoSQL: MarkLogic as a K-V store…

Following on from my blog post about using a Document store as a K-V store, I decided to do some simple tests to see how Redis and MarkLogic compare on my machine…


Hybrid NoSQL: Key-Value use cases

I’ve been talking about how NoSQL database vendors to trying to support more data models from other types of NoSQL databases. I call these Hybrid NoSQL databases. In this article in the Hybrid NoSQL Series, I talk about how other types of NoSQL database can handle Key-Value use cases.


Adam is back!

Been crazily busy, in a good way, the last six months. Finally got a little time to catch you all up on all things me and NoSQL!


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