Ideas for blog videos for MarkLogic…

A 5 minute video tutorial is often better than a page essay blog post… seriously, I have the visit stats to prove it! ;o) I’ve recorded a video on Roxy and REST that people like. I’m looking for suggestions for more around NoSQL and MarkLogic. In this post I list a few ideas I have, but I would welcome feedback from people as to what they want, or think is needed…

With my YouTube account I need to keep each video down to less than 6 minutes. Actually this is quite nice, as it means you don’t have to listen to me rambling like other people’s videos!

So there are general NoSQL / Big Data demos that may be useful:-

  • What are the different types of NoSQL database? Show me an example of each. Talk about what data each manages.
  • Show some cool examples on the web of NoSQL powered applications, and talk about why NoSQL was the right solution.

There’s also a bunch of MarkLogic introduction ones I could do:-

  • Getting started quick with loading content in Information Studio, and creating a search app in Application Builder
  • Loading content fast with Content Pump (aka MLCP)
  • When to create indexes / different types of MarkLogic search query
  • Data modelling / intro to denormalisation

It’s also been said a general intro to XQuery wouldn’t go a miss, so here’s a few ideas for that:-

  • Introduction to XQuery and the Query Console in MarkLogic. Basic FLWOR structure, sequences
  • Set theory and sequences.
  • Common gotchas (What does if (a = b) result in?)

And some more specific topics that people may be interested in:-

  • Building a search app quick using MLDB. Search page, add linked graph summary, customise result rendering
  • Integrating MarkLogic and Hadoop. Process MarkLogic content from Hadoop, store analysis results in MarkLogic from Hadoop.

Let me know what you all think, and what you would like to see. Please comment below.


  1. Hi Adam… What about a quick checklist / video to demonstrate the key features of NoSQL / MarkLogic as a next generation Corporate Document & Records Manager to replace all those over-priced / under performing yesteryear products like EMC/Documentum, IBM/FileNet/ Content Manager, Opentext and even MS SharePoint ??

  2. Hi Adam,

    Hope you remember. we worked together at filenet in Uxbridge. Remember the tall black guy in PS,

    How are you? Please send me your contact


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