I’ve authored or co-authored a number of books, as well as this blog.

My first book was IBM FileNet P8 Platform and Architecture, first edition, in 2007. I co-authored this with other colleagues from IBM. I wrote chapters on content security, government application implementation, and automated processing with triggers.

My next book was NoSQL for Dummies which is the first book where I was the sole author. This was published in Feb 2015. Still in the top five of NoSQL Amazon book downloads, this book discusses key business problem areas and how different types – and specific products – in the NoSQL space can be used to solve them. This book is still very popular, and I regularly turn up to work meetings to find people in the room with a copy on their Kindle!

My most recent book, published in Jan 2016, was The State of NoSQL 2016. This was a Kindle only release, and aimed as a quick news update and quick-start guide to NoSQL databases and the companies behind them. Still relevant today, it provides a whistlestop tour for those who need to know the key information without a lot of extraneous detail.

I’m now looking for my next Authoring project. I have a few ideas, but if you think of anything please do tweet me the idea!