NoSQL Reviews

NoSQL Reviews: Order of service…

My current planned order of reviewed products. Dates left out in case life gets in the way!…

Already done is my Aerospike 3.14 review, and the soon to be published ArangoDB review.

Upcoming though (in order):-

  1. MongoDB (popular by request on twitter)
  2. Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB (Because I’m all excited by it)
  3. Cassandra (DataStax Enterprise variant) (popular by request on twitter)
  4. Memcached (for later comparison to Redis et al)
  5. Redis (redislabs) (I love this ‘ickle gem!)
  6. CouchDB (Like MongoDB, many Enterprises have played with this)
  7. HBase (‘cos it’s there)
  8. Accumulo (Interesting security approach and heritage)
  9. Hadoop Impala (For comparison with NoSQL databases on HDFS)
  10. OrientDB (Similar heritage to ArangoDB)
  11. GraphDB (popular with semantic types)
  12. Allegrograph (Very feature full, and good W3C compliance)
  13. Hazelcast (As it’s used as the base for other stores)
  14. Riak KV (Used by the NHS in anger)
  15. Hypertable (I like this column store)
  16. Neo4j (popular Graph database)
  17. Amazon DynamoDB (interesting in comparison with the original Dynamo yeeeears ago)
  18. Couchbase
  19. EnterpriseDB (I like Enterpriseyness… technical term)
  20. RethinkDB (I like rethinking things)
  21. IBM Cloudant (To see what has happened since IBM acquired it)
  22. Microsoft Azure Tables
  23. PouchDB (Seems to be appearing on my twitter feed a lot, and gaining ground on db-engines)
  24. Datastax Graph (aka Titan)
  25. RocksDB (Used underneath ArangoDB, amongst other things)

That should be enough to be going on with… I may expand to other types of databases outside of NoSQL if I get bored!

As ever I’m happy to take other suggestions… but do provide a very good reason as to why I should care!


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