Finally got Robot Operating System built on Raspberry Pi…

Challenging to say the least. In fact that’s far too polite…

It was a frickin’ nightmare. ROSberry page is very useful, but I still found myself weaving a few tricks from no less that 4 different install pages in order to get it to install.

I’ll be posting up a definitive install guide soon once it’s all confirmed to work ok. Suffice to say there’s more relief than anticipation at completing the software build on Ralph.

First tried installing this on my Mac to find that Macports support stops short of being able to install any package dependencies… Bizarre.

Then installed Homebrew as that was supported, thus removing all my old macports, installing all things as brew – still it failed on a dependency for no apparent reason. No docs anywhere about how to get around this. Can’t believe for a second I’m the only person to come across this, but there you go. Logged an issue for this.

Installing on the Debian-Wheezy based Raspbian OS on Ralph was still a pain. Insufficient detail in any of the docs. Can’t believe again any would result in a successful build without any hacking around.

I’ve ended up creating a very detailed and exacting process for installing ROS hydro on the latest Raspbian. I’ll post here later.

I just hope the benefits of ROS are worth the hassle.

Now for a drink…

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