Mastering MLJS Webinar series…

This webinar series of sub 5 minute videos introduces MLJS and gets you creating new MarkLogic apps quickly…

I’m asked often about MLJS by busy people who have trouble getting a couple of hours to learn something new. Rather than create long, detailed videos I’ve decided to put together a series of short and sweet webinars.

Each video will be less than 5 minutes, allowing someone to watch them as they are released, or during a few minutes break. Perhaps waiting for a conference call to start, or to watch between meetings.

I’ve pencilled in the following videos. Let me know if there are others you’re interested in.

  1. Introduction to MLJS – Why should I care? – DONE, below!
  2. Introduction to the MLJS Core API – Core communication with MarkLogic server. Introduction to Search Context and other Context objects
  3. Introduction to the MLJS Widget API – Briefly show the mldbwebtest app, deploying it, and a brief description of the widget test pages (and each widget).
  4. Creating a new Hyrbid app with MLJS – Creating a search page and configuring options and facets. A search page with two charts (akin to an AppBuilder demo)
  5. Loading documents with MLJS. Add test XML, JSON and text documents using MLJS and a test loading web page.
  6. Customising how search results are displayed – The Renderer architecture. Detect and display data in a search results page in new and interesting ways
  7. Using MLJS to explore data – Integrated charts, co-occurence, map, query bar
  8. Loading triples with MLJS – How to use a simple JSON structure to load standalone facts.
  9. Configuring an ontology to power Semantic Queries with Sparql – How to customise a sparql query bar widget, and create a subject browsing page
  10. Combining Document and Semantic search – Extend the semantic page to show ‘related documents’. Create a data explorer page to show subject and embedded document information.
  11. Creating an application – Linking existing pages together with actions. Search for content, view document metadata, download the related PDF version.
  12. Customising the Chrome of your application – How to customise an entire MLJS based Roxy hybrid app for a particular client’s web theme.
  13. Using MLJS with your favourite widget library – Using an AngularJS page controller and widgets integrated with MLJS powered widgets
  14. Writing your own widget I – Create a search metrics widget with a refresh button to re-execute the search.
  15. Writing your own widget II – Create a multiple document upload widget, with progress bar, named collection, and link to a search page to show those just uploaded.

I have created a Playlist on YouTube for this series which can be found here.

The first video in this series shows examples of MLJS and explains why it is useful for quickly creating MarkLogic apps. It should be all the introduction anyone needs.

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