The Tag Cloud is here…

Tag Clouds over facets in MarkLogic are now in MLJS… Read on for a screen shot…

I’ve added a tag cloud widget in to MLJS. We’ve used these in demos on and off over the last year or so, but they’ve been third party widgets using a large-ish library that’s only used for the tag cloud. E.g. D3.js’ excellent word cloud widget.

I decided to do something pure and fast in the MLJS widget library to provide this functionality without having to do your own plumbing. You can see my efforts in the below image.


As you can see, the ordering is alphanumeric (fully numeric if only numbers), whereas the size is determined by the facet ‘value’ (normally configured for frequency – but nothing is stopping you configuring it otherwise).

This provides a quick and easy visual check on the popularity of a facet value. In the above example you see, from left to right, movie genre, movie actor, and movie release year.

I’ve kept the tag cloud deliberately simple, much like the tag cloud to the right of this post on WordPress. This makes it fast and uncomplicated to read and understand. Useful as an example for how to create your own facet dependant widgets.

At the moment clicking on an item does nothing, also there’s no drag/drop support. These are in the pipeline though.

This widget is in the dev branch on MLJS on GitHub. They will be released to the public branch at the end of Nov 2013.


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