MLJS is a MarkLogic JavaScript wrapper API. It comprises several components:-

  • Core API that wraps the MarkLogic REST API and provides utility objects. Works in Node.js and the Browser
  • Browser Widgets API – provides over 30 JavaScript widgets linked to MarkLogic
  • MLJS Workplace – A drag/drop application that enables visual creation and configuration of a MarkLogic web application

I’ve also developed some tools based on the above:-

  • Yeoman mljsworkplace generator – provides ability to have an entire MarkLogic database and web app with sample data up and running in 6 lines of Shell scripting code
  • ML Node Tools – includes mljsadmin a lightweight MarkLogic app deploy packaging tool, and mljsserve a lightweight Node.js webserver and REST API proxy for MarkLogic REST API apps

MLJS has been around for two years and has been used on a variety of demonstration projects for customers.


Getting Started

You can get started with MLJS using the following methods:-

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