IQTell for productivity with Evernote and email!…

Not strictly Big Data related, but MUST share how refreshing using IQTell for my GTD workflow is with everyone!…

I found IQTell when looking at the Evernote Market yesterday. I was trying to find a calendaring app for my wife. (She’s now using Sundial).

IQTell is so much more though. Through their web, iOS and Android apps you can sync all your email accounts, calendars, and even integrate Evernote.

What you are left with is a one stop shop for all actions, follow ups, some day wish lists (learn Italian), and all their supporting information in Evernote.

Here’s details of my workflow before incorporating IQTell:-

  • Log meeting notes in Evernote on my iPad mini
  • Use Mac Mail / Exchange for corporate email
  • Use Webmail for Air Cadets email (Exchange)
  • Use web mail (hardly ever) for gmail (personal email)
  • Use Mac Mail’s colour codes for high/medium/low priority, information, someday tasks
  • Salesforce to track opportunity status

Down side to the above is many different systems, and only a low to high priority ordering – no due dates, context (where I can work on what task) or other way to order tasks – and an ever increasing list of tasks and email inboxes.

Here’s what I’ve achieved in a single day in between normal work calls!:-

  • Stopped using mac mail rules – everything comes in to the inboxes direct
  • Cleared over 1300 emails in to Reference material (Evernote), someday tasks, tickler tasks (only 2), and actions (over 50)
  • Cleared 250 tasks, of which some were duplicates, out of date, or already completed
  • Moved all ‘ooh that’s interesting’ email in to my Evernote reference material workbook
  • Links archived emails to tasks (50)
  • Created a Project for each opportunity, and assigned tasks
  • Created projects for other work and home long term projects
  • Left all other tasks as floating without projects
  • Found approx 6 tasks that needed follow up but had been lost in the information overload
  • Completed about 30 sub 2 minute tasks.

So far so good then. I now need to trawl old meeting notes for tasks and ensure they are included. Also need to test action¬†creation from within Evernote (just tag a¬†Note with ‘Action’!).

Inbox Zero here I come!

I would HIGHLY recommend IQTell. I’ll let you know how I get on in my 2 month free Premium trial (It’s only about GBP 4 per month afterwards!)

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