MLJS Node.js major bug fix…

You know those simple code changes that shouldn’t change anything, that actually break everything?… Yeah…

I did one of these when I changed the package.json file to point to a copy of mljs.js that happened to have been in the .npmignore file!

Thus users of the MLJS npm package for node.js were getting weird ‘Module mljs not found’ messages. Oops.

This has probably been an issue for just a few days, but it’s been serious enough for me to put out a major fix to the MASTER repo and NPM just now.

As a result you may also notice some upcoming, as yet untested features, have slipped in to the MLJS library. Also you now have a smaller download for the NPM, which is nice.

Anything to do with ‘Alerting’ is purely a work in progress. Also there have been changes in the Workplace default registration for contexts. If you hit any bugs please let me know here:-

MLJS GitHub Issues area:

Thanks for the bug reports from those people who have hit issues. They make for a much better product!

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