Whilst making my MLJS Workplace application easier to distribute using Yeoman, I realised I needed a couple of command line tools to automate the application distribution and serving tasks.

As I knew users would have Node.js installed and were using MLJS it seemed logical to create these lightweight tools using Node.js and MLJS.

The tools I have created are:-

  • mljsadmin – an application packaging and setup tool. Many many options. Run it with no options to see a list of commands
  • mljsserve – A Node.js based webserver allowing your HTML5 app to be ran outside of MarkLogic (and lightning fast!). Also proxies all MarkLogic REST API requests, and provides a WebSockets based alerting capability from MarkLogic directly to a user’s session in the browser!

The use of these tools is documented on the MLJS Workplace Getting Started page.

If you need to download these for an existing project, visit the MLNodeTools website on GitHub.

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