New Book: The State of NoSQL 2016…

I’ve been at it again! I’ve just published a 40 page review of the world of NoSQL in 2016. Covers the types of NoSQL, real business use cases and which products to consider, and a quick reference sheet for each major NoSQL database and commercial vendor.

A self publishing exercise on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, this book is available on KDP Select for 90 days. For only $0.99 you can access the latest developments in NoSQL.


The State of NoSQL 2016: A quick guide to the NoSQL landscape

by Adam Fowler

***NEW*** Feb 2016

Buy now from or from, available on KDP Select and Amazon Prime subscriptions.

NoSQL database products evolve rapidly. This book series aims to keep those in the IT industry abreast of recent trends in the industry, and changes within specific NoSQL products and their backing commercial companies.

For old hands, Chapter 1 provides a quick news update. If you’re familiar with NoSQL, then this may be the place to start. The topics mentioned are big changes that may affect your technology choices. Ever decided not to bother with a technology because it didn’t do something fundamental? Well, if a technology shift occurs, it’ll be covered in Chapter 1.

If you currently know nothing about NoSQL you can still follow this book! Chapter 2 lists common industry problems and solutions, and suggests specific products for each use case. You may not know you need NoSQL, but I bet you know what data management problems you’re having.

Read through chapter 2 to find pointers to potential NoSQL options that may help you. Then read the detail of those products in chapter 4. If your options are in a particular type of NoSQL, such as Wide Column stores, then also read the relevant section from chapter 3 to make sure you don’t miss any niche players that may be useful to your specific problem.

Links to news stories, industry reports, press releases and other sources of further information are spread throughout this book.

This ensures that whatever your interest, The State of NoSQL will provide you with the up to the minute information you need.

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