Getting the most out of Google Search

Ever wondered if you’re using Google Search to the best of it’s ability? Well, you’re probably not! Read on for an article with a tonne of hints and tips…

Rahul Mistry has posted a greatly useful and detailed, but simple to understand, analysis of how to use Google Search effectively. This comes with examples and screen shots of the effects.

He covers the usual word and phrase searches, but also boolean AND and OR logic. He then goes on to explain how Google can be used ‘to fill the blanks’ using an asterix.

He then covers finding related pages to a URL you provide, and how to ask Google to provide a Definition of a term.

He goes on, and on! How to search just the title, just the body text, search for books by author, subject, publisher, even ISBN and ISSN searches.

And still more! Location, Source and advanced search too!

If you use Google for research, you absolute have to read this article!

As an aside, one of my favourite tricks is the ‘site’ keyword. You can use this to restrict to website from a country:-

site:uk government open data policy

And particular websites too:- chocolate cake recipe

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