MarkLogic 7 available on GCloud IV CloudStore…

MarkLogic 7 has been accepted in to GCloud IV, allowing it to be easily purchased by UK Government customers. Read on for details…

MarkLogic 7 has been accepted in to GCloud IV, the UK Governments latest catalogue of software and services, and will be available for purchase when GCloud IV launches at the start of November.

The edition offered will be MarkLogic 7 Essential Enterprise, the features of which are described on the MarkLogic website.

These features include:-

  • MarkLogic’s leading Enterprise NoSQL database, featuring ACID compliance
  • Search
  • HA/DR/Replication
  • Government grade security (including Compartment security)
  • Alerting
  • Location Services (point in polygon, point radius, and bounding box geospatial search)

Along with these added options:-

  • Semantics (Sparql and Graph store support, and combined semantic and values and geospatial and text search)
  • Language Packs

GCloud IV is the UK Governments catalogue, similar to the GSA list in the USA. This allows UK Government departments and agencies to easily purchase software and services through the GCloud contract mechanism and avoid a lengthy, custom, IT procurement exercises every time software is needed.

MarkLogic has been accepted to Lot 2 (PAAS – Database Software) and Lot 4 (Services), enabling the UK Government to easily purchase MarkLogic Software and Consultancy expertise for their Data Consolidation, Virtualisation, Publishing, Search and Linked Open Data needs.

For more information, visit the GCloud website or read MarkLogic for Central Government and Local Government on our website.

For more information on MarkLogic 7, read our website.

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