Looking forward to MarkLogic World 8-11 April…

I’m really looking forward to #MLW13 at The Cosmopolitan hotel, Las Vegas! Loads of NoSQL innovation going on, with many great talks from customers as well as our own Marklogicians.

I’m giving a 15 minute lightning talk on my MLDB JavaScript Library… I’ll be making a VERY important announcement for anyone that has tried to build an application for MarkLogic either in NodeJS or in the Browser… more on that later on Tuesday though.

My colleagues and our customers are also talking about APIs in lightning talks. Chris Cieslinski from the LDS Church is talking about the Church’s experience of using the REST API directly, whilst Mike Wooldridge is talking about his fantastic PHP API – ActiveDocument.

Mike Bowers, also from the LDS Church will be giving an introduction on Tuesday Afternoon to the world of SQL / NoSQL / NewSQL databases. I know this session will be popular with many who read this blog. Mike’s experience looking at a range of database technologies is enlightening. I’d recommend this session to everyone. I’ll certainly be looking in on it.

Keep an eye on my post and twitter (@adamfowleruk) feed for updates. If you have a question, send it on twitter to #AskMarkLogic

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