MarkLogic APIs progress update…

Just a quick update about my API efforts against MarkLogic…

I’ve been busily at work creating a .NET API, called mldotnet. This is going very well now. I have successfully authenticated using Basic auth. For some reason ServiceStack doesn’t like our digest authentication challenge. I’ll investigate that later once I know the rest is working! (No pun intended!)

I have successfully used our synchronous connection class to check if search options are on the server, and if not create them. This tests both Get and Put requests, sending a JSON search options document to the server. I have also confirmed error handling wrappers on the request handlers too, just like in my JavaScript MLDB version.

I’m now working on search – looping over all documents under a URI that have been modified since a specified date (using our built in last_modified document property and built in indexes).

The reason this is useful is because I wish to create a file sharing application. I’m using SparkleShare to sync a desktop folder to a MarkLogic database. Idea being I can use this to share research data at a university, or in MarkLogic itself use it to send code changes to a modules database.

Once this basic functionality is working I’ll need to handle local file syncing and detecting which files have changed remotely and locally for future sync ups. Shouldn’t be too onerous though.

I had to overcome several issues in SparkleShare, so I’ve Forked the project myself whilst waiting for the changes to be incorporated in to the master branch. These change will benefit any other future custom backend integration. SparkleShare is very Git specific, so I’ve had to create some code that enables non Git (and thus non SSH and backends with a custom URL pattern to be used just like any Git based backend. This is now working well, and I’ve sent a Pull request to the original author.

What does the future hold?

You’ll have to wait and see! I’m trying to get a couple of cool things done ready for MarkLogic World 2013 that I’m speaking at. I’m doing a 15 minute session on Tuesday the 9th about my MLDB and mldotnet APIs. I hope to have some exciting projects to show you then!!!

Keep your eyes peeled to MLDB and MLDOTNET over the next 4 weeks! That’s all I’m saying for now!

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