A NoSQL database for the Enterprise…

Want to use a NoSQL database, but also want Enterprise features? Read on…

MarkLogic (my employer!) have just announced a new Enterprise Developer license. This is aimed at Developers that want to work on NoSQL, but need an ‘Enterprise ready’ alternative to the swathe of Open Source outfits that require upteen bolt ons to try and workaround things like eventual consistency, lack of security, and lack of search capability.

MarkLogic has all these, in spades, with many customers – all of which run Mission Critical systems and not just the science projects often quoted by some open source consultancy outfits. The Press Release which details all of this can be found here. We also have a great announcement page explaining why you should care. In addition, if you’ve used MongoDB and want to try out an Enterprise alternative like MarkLogic, you can use our handy mongo2marklogic converter too.



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