OpenSource DB Comparison

Interesting report on comparison of a limited number of databases. Data seems a bit simple and academic. Real world problems would show a larger difference. I personally don’t believe the rates achieved in this document. ‘Eventual consistency’ should be treated with scepticism as its simply not credible in an Enterprise installation. What I was most surprised about was MongoDBs poor performance even with transactions disabled. Also, why didn’t they test at more than 4000 requests/sec for MongoDB? Could it not handle it? I’m still poring through the report, but it doesn’t look good for MongoDB or 10gen.

Database as a Service

NoSQL Comparison ChartI ran across an interesting and comprehensive read this morning for database junkies like me, A vendor-independent comparison of NoSQL databases: Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, Riak, thanks to the folks at Altoros Systems Inc. and NetworkWorld. Check it out if you are interested in very thorough analysis, evaluations, and comparisons of:

  • Cassandra
  • HBase
  • MongoDB
  • Riak
  • MySQL Cluster

Tons of data and charts to pour through, and some good conclusions on how to help you choose the solution that fits your specific needs.

Cheers, Steve

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