Performance vs. data integrity…

Many a NoSQL Vendor (aka OpenSource fanboi) talks about performance metrics. You should take these with a pinch of salt. Most of the time these are achieved at the expense of ensuring data is written safely in a transaction. Most organisations want to protect their data as it’s invariably vital to their business, or just a pain to restore if it goes missing.

Below is a funny video I saw which takes MongoDB to task for their ‘web scale’ marketing. Warning: Occasional swearing – not suitable for the workplace.

MongoDB is web scale

You see in the video a Relational DB guy going spare at the NoSQL guy about ACID compliance. Thankfully MarkLogic is both highly scalable (even, dare I say, web scale) AND includes ACID transactions. We can do replication, content processing, and alerting. We even have a built in advanced Search suite of functionality. No more trying to crow bar in someone else’s search engine over a database.

MarkLogic Server has all the Enterprise features from a mature product as you’re used to from the Relational world, but in a NoSQL document database. Why not go check out MarkLogic. It also has an Express community license. Enjoy!

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