Presenting at Aberystwyth University on Dec 3rd…

I’ll be returning to my alma mater, Aberystwyth University, on Monday 3rd December to give a seminar about my first 10 years since graduation. I’ll be talking briefly about the highs and lows of finding employment, but then about the wonderful world of pre-sales! I’ll be sharing a few funny stories and useful hints and tips along the way. I’ll also cover a typical 7 stage software sales process, the difference between sales and pre-sales, and what is involved in the role, as well as sales training courses and their value.

After this I’ll also delve in to topics like commoditisation, which has largely happened with the Content Management market, and on the Big Data emerging market. This will be of interest as it will reach the apex of the Hype Cycle when current students graduate, so they’ll need to be familiar with it. I’ll cover NoSQL, Hadoop, OpenSource vs. Enterprise Vendors, and of course MarkLogic! I’ll talk about current real world customer Big Data problems, and separate the hype from the facts.

I may also have an exciting announcement for students and academics in EMEA… watch this space…

For more information, visit the department’s pages, or contact Hannah Dee whose details are at the bottom of that page.

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