An Information Flow for Linked Data

Following on from my Wednesday’s Blog Post about Linked Data, here is an information flow for getting to the point where you have data to publish.

An Information Flow for Linked Data Authoring and Publishing

Without the right data collation and publishing tools it is extremely difficult to manage the information, and eventually add the links, that are required for Linked Data. Government Departments also have the challenge of receiving data that they’re not permitted to modify from external agencies. This requires an accept or reject business process. Government also has to then decide which information is internal and which is for public consumption – i.e. what subset should be Open Data.

Having a single software package for this is an advantage. MarkLogic is used by leading publishers and media organisations to manage this flow of information from creation through editorial decision making in to publishing in multiple formats. We’re also used by Government Departments to keep information secure whilst giving access to those that need to analyse information.

If the above resonates for you then let me know – .

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