MLJS Workplace

The MLJS API allowed people to create compelling MarkLogic based browser applications with a little coding.

There is a full visual list of the widgets supported on the wiki Gallery page, but below is a summary of a few MLJS Workplace pages.

MLJS Workplace allows you to do this without a single piece of code!!!


MLJS Workplace is a MarkLogic REST API application that once deployed allows you to add new app pages, configure the widgets on those page, and set configuration settings and search options. You can do all of this within Workplace itself – no coding necessary!!!

MLJS Workplace can be used to create compelling demonstrations and applications. Here is a list of just a few application built with MLJS:-

  • Social media monitoring including geospatial and content search
  • Police demonstration showing semantic links between investigation data and those being investigated
  • Situational awareness demo showing location of assets, and information on the surrounding environment



These applications are built by dragging and dropping widgets in the browser, and settings configuration settings.


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