MarkLogic is an American software company based out of San Carlos near San Francisco, California. MarkLogic has over 250 employees worldwide, and offices in London, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden and Japan.

I’m a Principal Sales Engineer at MarkLogic, covering mainly the UK Public Sector. I help complex government organisations get a handle of their data and see how MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database can help them.

MarkLogic is hiring!

We’re always looking for good Sales Engineers and Consultants in the UK and EMEA as a whole. If you’re interested them please email me at 

MarkLogic Server

MarkLogic Server is a single database product that provides management for text, binary, JSON and XML data, as well as advanced search indexing and query, and semantic (triple store) capabilities.

MarkLogic Server is different from most other NoSQL databases. Firstly, it is a hybrid NoSQL database that comprises search, document database, and triple store functionality. Secondly – but most importantly – it provide Enterprise features out of the box. This includes support for High Availability clustering, disaster recovery site replication, live backups, restore, and built in security.

More about MarkLogic Server

You can find out more about MarkLogic Server by reading the following pages:-

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