I decided it is probably a good idea to highlight aspects to MarkLogic, NoSQL databases in general, and XQuery that would make small, bit size chunks for learning. Below is a list of topics. I’ve linked to my own posts as well as external links where appropriate.

Remember you can view all of MarkLogic’s online and training courses on the MarkLogic website.

Introduction to NoSQL / database theory
What is NoSQL? / NoSQL vs RDBMS / Why use NoSQL? [post]
Types of NoSQL database available – Tube Map or Quick Reference Card
ACID compliance in NoSQL [post]

Introduction to the XQuery language
Why bother with XQuery? – TODO
Basic XQuery constructs – TODO
XQuery as an umpteenth language – TODO
Introduction to the Query Console – TODO
Using XQuery to teach the fundamentals of computer science / set theory – TODO
XQuery Gotchas part 1 [post]

Using MarkLogic
Introduction to MarkLogic server [MarkLogic University On Demand]
Installing MarkLogic server – TODO
Loading your data in to MarkLogic (MLCP aka Content Pump, and InfoStudio) – TODO
Loading desktop documents in to MarkLogic – TODO
Getting a search app up and running quickly – TODO
Introduction to the Query Console – TODO
Profiling your code with the Query Console – TODO
MarkLogic’s CTS search library [post]

The Roxy XQuery MVC (Ruby on Rails like) framework
Getting Started with Roxy [post]
Creating a new Roxy and REST API hybrid application [video post]
Securing a Roxy application [post]

MarkLogic REST API / MLJS (MarkLogic JavaScript database driver)

MarkLogic MLJS (Was MLDB) for the web learning series
01. Creating a new Roxy and REST API hybrid application [video post] (6:30)
02. Installing MLJS in to a web application, and creating a search page [video post] (13:25)
03. Integrating charts with search results [text post]
04. Integrating a Roxy app with an [MLJS] JavaScript widget [text post]
05. Customising MLJS search results with a custom renderer – TODO
06. Adding new content with a quick form filler – TODO
07. Adding new content with file upload – TODO
08. Adding new content with Information Studio Flows via MLJS – TODO
09. Using CORS to access MLJS in your own web application – TODO
10. Creating an application from individual pages – making MLJS widgets active – TODO

MarkLogic MLDB for Node.js learning series
01. Installing MLJS in a Node.js application, with basic search – TODO
02. Creating an Instant Messaging application integrated with search – TODO
03. Sending alerts to an Instant Messaging application – TODO

Posts useful for the teaching of Computer Science / Database Theory
Introduction to the Query Console – TODO
XQuery as an umpteenth language – TODO
Set theory in XQuery – TODO
Data Modelling – The Shopping Cart in RDBMS and NoSQL – TODO

If there are any more you want then please add a comment to this page.

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