NoSQL For Dummies

NoSQL for Dummies

NoSQL For Dummies
Released in Feb 2015

by Adam Fowler

This was published in Feb 2015. The book covers how to look at the main databases in the NoSQL space – both commercial and open source – and analyse them for your needs.

In particular I talk about Mission-Critical Enterprise class use cases – not science projects or simple implementations. NoSQL is ready for the mainstream with many critical systems now built on the technology. Read this book to find out how you too can deploy NoSQL to finally fix that knotty problem you’ve been putting up with for so long.

I cover 19 products in the book, including: Aerospike, Riak, Redis, Voldemort, Oracle NoSQL, Cassandra, HBase, Accumulo, Hypertable, MongoDB, MarkLogic, Couchbase, Microsoft DocumentDB, OrientDB, ArangoDB, Franz AllegroGraph, Neo4j, SolrCloud and Elasticsearch.

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