Tracker project todos…

Just a quick list for my own needs…

Things already done:-

  • Proven transmitter sends valid GPS tracking data to receiver on computer
  • Built prototype transmitter and tested in the field
  • Integrated GPS, 3DR radio, Li-po charger, Li-po battery, Arduino solderable breadboard in to an enclosure
  • Tested power saving mode (7 – 15 days charge possible!)
  • Created very basic symmetric cryptography routines

Things to do next:-

  • Get route logging software working, preferably with GPX file output (OpenLogger on HobbyTronics ArduLogger platform with micro SD card)
  • Range test air to ground module outside on maximum power settings, continuous transmit
  • Investigate 3DR circuit to see if its possible to make own PCB cheaper (and integrate whole device in one half eurocard PCB)
  • Get LCD display working on protoboard
  • Get Joystick working for basic menu items on same protoboard
  • Test multiple transmitters with one receiver (including testing using ‘air’ unit for receiver, and receiving multiple signals on same receiver)
    • If can’t use air module, use usb to serial circuit for ground module (might be fun to try anyway…)
  • Test 3DR radio LBT (Listen Before Transmit) mode
  • Test encrypted messaging
  • Develop own binary format for messaging (C language struct?)

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