MLJS 1.1 Release now available…

New MarkLogic Node.js and widget API released. Read on for the juicy functionality and pics!…

The MLJS 1.1 interim release is here. Decided not to make anyone wait until the end of December for this. A few often asked for features were added, and I didn’t want to keep them to myself!

As ever, the code and instructions can be found here, with tutorials being located here.

The biggest addition is OpenLayers mapping support. This allows plugging any map layer OpenLayers support over the top of MarkLogic. It also support heatmaps, and drawing rectangle, circle and polygon criteria.

As an extra special feature, holding down shift whilst drawing the polygon allows you to trace an exact free form shape on the map without incessent clicking!


You’ll also note from the order of the search results that they are ordered by distance from the centre of the map’s search area. This uses MarkLogic Server Version 7’s range index scoring mechanism! Great new feature I just had to add to MLJS Core’s query builder.

I’ve also created a tag cloud widget which is useful for displaying quick information. Here’s an example:-


Here you see more popular items are larger. The order is alphanumeric ascending by default.

I’ve also included a range of other changes:-

  • Sort by relevancy added by default to sort order widget and search options
  • Using annotations for sort order name and facet title, where present
  • Ensure phrase searches work in the searchbar widget
  • Fixed a bug with Pie Charts sometimes showing ‘undefined’ in segment’s titles
  • Added support for fixed and dynamic bucketing to facets, searchbar. Added example of fixed buckets to main search page
  • Made co-occurence widget navigable, setting a constraint on clicking a value (structured query mode only)
  • Created a structured query selection widget. Useful for changing query mode. Also added dynamic query term overwriting
  • Added a range of geospatial queries to the structured query builder
  • Added ‘highlight’ action when hovering over OpenLayers marker, so the search result list item is highlighted
  • Various other bug fixes

A video playlist has also been created in a series of sub 5 minute bite sized webinars to introduce people to MLJS’ core concepts. Playlist can be found here:¬†

First video in the series here:

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